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Terms & Conditions

Management requests your co-operation in observing the spirit of these conditions for the mutual benefit of all park guests
Management has the right to refuse entry to any person or cancel the booking of an occupant who does not abide by the conditions of the park. Management also has the right to relocate a site if the need arises.
All guests must check in at the office on arrival. Arrival time for cabins is strictly 2pm and sites strictly 10am unless prior arrangements have been made.

Cabins and sites are to be left in a clean and tidy manner as they were found. Additional fees will be charged for any undue cleaning/repairs.

All cabins must be confirmed with $100 deposit within 7 nights of booking date.

Children should be supervised by an adult at all times, especially in the toilet blocks and play areas.

The park roads are public roads however they are shared zones. Bikes must not be ridden at night without a light, and helmets must be worn at all times.

The speed limit in the park is strictly 10kmh (walking pace).

All music and undue noise is to cease by 10pm. Foul language, abusive and threatening behaviour or assault will not be tolerated under any circumstances and will lead to instant eviction.

Due to OHSW we do not allow more than 6 people per cabin and 6 adults per powered site.
Any extras staying in your cabin/site must report to the office and pay on arrival or a fee will be charged to the person under whom the booking has been made.

Fires are not permitted in the park.
Please do not enter the toilets and showers when they are being cleaned, this is for your own safety.

Children must be supervised and are not to play in the toilet blocks.

Please leave the amenities and laundry as you would like to find them.

Smoking is prohibited in these areas.
The splash park and playground area is operational between 9am – 9pm. Hours may vary depending on weather conditions and daylight hours.

All children must be accompanied and supervised by an adult at all times.

Running, jumping and diving within the splash park area is prohibited.

Climbing on/or jumping from the splash park structure is prohibited.

We are a pet friendly park, however no pets are allowed in any cabin at any time or on sites during Christmas and Easter periods under any circumstances.

Pets are not permitted in the Playground, Splash Park and Camp Kitchen area at any time.

The office must be notified when pets are in the park.

The person in charge of the pet has full responsibility of cleaning up after their pet.

Pets are not allowed in the amenities blocks.

Dogs must be on a lead at all times.

Please do not leave dogs tied up and unattended at any time.
All Christmas bookings must have a $50 deposit per site and $100 deposit per cabin paid by the 31st of January. Bookings must be paid in full by the 1st of November.
All Easter deposits of $50 per site and $100 per cabin are due by the 30th of April (or 1 month after the current Easter period). Bookings must be paid in full by the 1st of February the following year.

Any payments not made by these dates will be cancelled and no refunds given.

The client is responsible for fulfilling their booking conditions and Management will not enter into any correspondence.
Off Peak: $20 cancellation fee on all cabins and sites. Any cancellations made within 14 days of arrival date will only be given refunds if cabin can be rebooked (minus $20 fee)

Peak: no refunds are made inside 30 days of arrival date unless cabin or site is rebooked. $20 cancellation fee applies even if cabin or site is rebooked.
Please make yourself familiar with our Emergency Evacuation areas in the park. These are marked by large red signs and are located near all amenities blocks and across from the office.
All tariffs are subject to an annual increase without notice as of the 1st of July, and all tariffs are subject to the current rate at the time of your stay regardless of when the booking was made.

Any expense incurred, as a result of damage or loss to the caravan park by patrons will be met on demand by the patrons responsible.

As a condition of entry to the caravan park it is acknowledged that the caravan park management, and its employees or contractors will not be liable in any way whatsoever, for any damage or theft caused to patrons’ property. This includes damage caused by acts of nature and disruptions to power supply.

Liability – Yarrawonga Holiday Park advises guests that the use of all facilities within the park will be at their own risk and hereby releases management and employees of all liability from any loss or damage to person or property.

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